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Marijuana Possession And State Vs. Federal Laws

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In some cases, yes. The legality of marijuana use, whether medicinal or recreational, has been a much debated issue — with some states declaring certain uses for it to be legal, even if they remain illegal at the federal level. This can seem confusing to someone who is facing charges, and unfamiliar with how these laws work — and that is why seeking advise from a knowledgeable Central Florida Criminal Defense Attorney, at the Defense Group, is so important.

Both the federal government and the State of Florida have a punishment code sometimes referred to as the “Sentencing Guidelines.” While the federal authorities are typically only interested in the largest of cases, and usually involving importing either into the country or across state lines. In most cases the federal sentencing guidelines are more harsh that state guidelines.

“Many of the crimes which are illegal in state court are also illegal as federal crimes. Now there’s a lot of controversy going on right now with some of those states that have legalized, if you will, marijuana at the State level. They’re still crimes on the federal level. Florida has recently approved medical marijuana but not recreational. Recent statements by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggests that there may be a coming tension between states that have “legalized” (decriminalized under state law) crimes associated with marijuana and the federal drug enforcement authorities. It is still too soon to tell how this will shake out.

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