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Differences Between State Grand Jury Vs. Federal Grand Jury

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A grand jury is, essentially, a group of people who are completely detached from the case; who have nothing to gain or lose no matter the final verdict; and who serve as an impartial, unbiased jury in the case. An experienced Central Florida Criminal Defense Attorney will be able to explain to their client how this jury works, and what to expect from the trial process.

“There’s not a great deal of procedural difference in the way they operate. The only difference is that they’ll be hearing evidence of state crimes instead of federal crimes or vice versa. It’s the same concept. A group of politically unattached, dispassionate people listen to the evidence and decide whether or not they believe the state has enough evidence to go forward or not.”

The prosecuting attorney (by whatever name he is empowered) acts as the advisor to the Grand Jury and makes presentation of evidence to the Grand Jury. It has been said, only partly tongue in cheek that a good prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich. What that means is that in many ways the information provided to the Grand Jury is provided by and through the prosecutor. While decisions to indict or not are theoretically up to the vote of the members of the Grand Jury, it is fair to say that the prosecutor has a great deal of influence on their decision. Some Gand Juries are empaneled to find facts.Others are politically motivated to eitherbring an indictment wanted by the prosecutor or to bring back a “no Biul on cases where the prosecutor needs cover.

In any event, NEVER go coluntarily as a witness to a Granbd Jury proceedings until you have spoken with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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