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David Mollison

DAVID MOLLISON is a Licensed Private Investigator, a Licensed Bail Bondsman, and a published skip tracer (that’s short for “bounty hunter.”) For years Mr. Mollison owned his own Bail Bonds agency. He is licensed by the State of Florida to teach new bail bondsmen, private investigators, and to certify applicants for issuance of a firearms “carry permit.” He assists a number of local Bail Bond agencies, not only in tracking down and recovering people who have fled the jurisdiction and even the country, but in maintaining compliance with the complicated regulations of the State of Florida. He has been qualified as an expert witness in the field of bail surety law and procedures.

When a witness must be found or information tracked to its source, there are few people you would rather have involved in the investigatory process than Mr. Mollison. He is the author of a book on bounty hunting, a regular instructor in courses sanctioned by the Florida Department of Financial Services and a legitimate expert in bail bond law. His willingness to act as the Private Investigator for The Defense Group is appreciated by staff and clients alike.

Mr. Mollison is a Past President of the Tri-County Bail Bondsman Association. In that role, he worked very closely with the many bail bond surety agents that make it possible for our clients to be released pending the resolution of their cases. He also meets with Judges, senior Corrections Department personnel, County officers and private attorneys on matters that touch on the pretrial release of our clients. His contacts in this industry are invaluable in investigative matters as well.

Mr. Mollison has over 35 years of valuable experience.