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How much does a DUI defense attorney cost in Orlando?

Cost of a DUI case in Orlando

One of the first questions clients ask is “How much is this going to cost?” It’s a fair question but not a simple one. The answer will depend on the experience and credentials of the firm you choose, the facts of your individual case, your prior record, whether representation in a formal review hearing before the Department of Motor Vehicles is appropriate, whether investigative costs are required, whether depositions will be taken, the need for any expert witnesses, and the nature and scope of the legal defenses that appear available.

Ordinarily, the fees for having one of our Central Florida DUI Defense Attorneys represent you, including the Formal Review hearing, start at $3500, plus costs. Costs include administrative fees, witness fees, process server fees, investigator fees, costs of obtaining videotapes or other discovery, long-distance phone charges and other out of pocket costs incurred in your defense. In most cases, these costs run only a few hundred dollars.

Attorney fees for subsequent DUI violations

If your case is for a second or subsequent violation, there was an accident with personal injury or substantial property damage, or if you are charged with a felony, the fees and costs will be much higher. In EVERY case, your case is individually evaluated before a fee is quoted.

Are there any trial fees for DUI representation?

The vast majority of these cases are resolved without the necessity of a trial. Accordingly, the fees above do not include a trial fee. If you are one of the very small percentage (less than 2%) of cases that require a trial, separate trial fees will be quoted. We do not believe it is fair to quote everybody a fee that includes a trial when we know that most clients will never need that trial. Instead, we believe that it is appropriate to charge a lower fee to those whose cases can be resolved short of trial.

Our quoted fees are inclusive, not ala carte. With the exception of trial, or any special or extraordinary writs or appeals, the quoted fee will be the entire fee. There are no “add on” fees for hearings or other appearances. Also, we enter into a written representation with every client and that agreement sets out in great detail how our services and fees work. That way we avoid any misunderstandings.

Finally, a word about one of the ironies of criminal attorney fees. The better your available defenses, the more expensive your defense may be. That may seem unfair, but it merely points out that the more defenses we have available to raise to the Court, the more work and time that will be required to do so. If you need a Commercial Driver’s License for your employment, your chances of deciding to go to trial are increased since there is no provision in Florida law for a hardship license for a commercial driver’s license.

Consult an Orlando DUI defense attorney

Call one of our two locations at 407 743 8430 or 407-250-9557, for a prompt and free consultation with an experienced Central Florida criminal defense attorney at The Defense Group. We are available 24 hours a day for your emergency needs, and appointments can be arranged for nights or weekends if necessary.

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