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Missing Person, Or Arrested?

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Was My Loved One Arrested, Or Are They Missing?

Not knowing where your loved one — relative or friends — can be stressful and frightening. People who are arrested are, however, always allowed an opportunity to contact someone — keeping your phone close is important! Contacting the county and state jails is certainly an option, along with asking the authorities for help locating a missing person who could have been arrested. An experienced Central Florida Criminal Defense Attorney can also lend their knowledge and experience, in helping you find out your loved ones whereabouts.

“After you’ve checked the various County Jails, you might ask yourself if your loved one is not a U.S. Citizen, is there a possibility that they’ve picked up by ICE? They may have an immigration hold on them. They may actually be in a County Jail, but not listed under the County Jail as having been arrested by law enforcement.

They may have been arrested under a Federal warrant of some kind. If that’s the case they may be in either the Orange or Seminole County Jails that have contracts with the Feds. Or they may have transported them somewhere entirely different. Given a little time your loved one will call you. They will give them an opportunity to make a phone call so don’t get too far away from the phone.

In some cases they can’t call cell phones. If you have a hard line phone, have someone stay near that hard line phone at the house so they can try and call you there. If you haven’t heard from them within a day, I’d call the police and I’d start calling around. Say, “Look it may be a missing person or you may have them, but I can’t find my loved one and I need to let you know that.” You may get help from law enforcement directly.”

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