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Central Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys and their team at The Defense Group, understand that finances can be a source of worry for many of those seeking a criminal defense attorney. This is why they offer free initial consultations, so potential clients can discuss their case, and understand the value of the knowledge and experience they bring to the table, without any money being spent.

Most of our clients have only seen criminal defense attorneys on TV. Some may have heard from family or friends about an experience they have had. Try to ignore what yo have heard.

Each case is unique. Each set of facts is unique. The law applicable to the facts is constantly changing and responsible and experienced criminal defense attorneys attend seminars throughout the year to keep informed of the changes. Some cases require the taking of depositions (sworn interviews with witnesses, including court reporter). Some cases require experts. Some cases have questions of law that require motions and hearings before the case can be settled or tried.

Each case is different. We provide FREE INITIAL CONSULTATIONS, where we can learn more about your particular case, discuss with you some of the strategies we might use in defending your case, and discuss with you our assessment of the cost. If, at that time the cost we quote is one you are unwilling to pay, then we wish you the best and you owe us nothing. If you find our quote to be acceptable, then we can work on whether there is a payment plan that works for both of us. If you are shopping online and find an attorney site that lists its fees in a “menu” type format, you should ask yourself how that attorney can set a fair price without knowing anything about your case.

If you have been charged, immediately call one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys at The Defense Group at 407 743 8430 or 407-250-9557


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