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State and federal laws can sometimes differ greatly — and certain offenses will fall under one of either category. It is important, then, to seek out a legal team who understands the differences, with combined experience on both types of cases, to ensure that you get the defense you need.

The Central Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys, who work with the Defense Group — a team that has vast experience on these types of cases, and is ready to use their knowledge and experience to help clients.

At The Defense Group, we have a member who is designated as “of counsel.” He is not actually an employee, but he is a member of the firm as an “of counsel attorney.” His name is Manny Hernandez.

Manny was previously a Supervising Assistant US States Attorney, both in Puerto Rico and in Orlando. He has extensive Federal experience. He knows all the Federal prosecutors. He knows the judges. When I say “knows the judges,” don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean that like they’re party animals together and therefore, he gets special deals. He knows what they expect. He knows their procedural idiosyncrasies.

He knows what to expect from a sentencing standpoint and that affects the way he handles the negotiations. He is generally acknowledged as one of the top Federal Defense Attorneys in the State of Florida..”

If you have any problem dealing with a potentially federal criminal offense, contact The Defense Group at 407 743 8430 or 407-250-9557.


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