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Domestic Violence Arrests In Central Florida

What does Florida law define as domestic violence?

“Domestic violence” encompasses more than just assaults and batteries between spouses. An assault or battery is considered “domestic” if the accused and the complaining witness ever lived together as a “family” or were married. The offenses of domestic battery or domestic stalking call for mandatory counseling known as the Batterer’s Intervention Course (26 weeks of classes.) There are statutes that permit “victims” of domestic violence to obtain injunctions to protect them.3

Often allegations are filed claiming domestic violence in order to gain a strategic advantage in a custody battle between the parents of children. If this is the case, you NEED to let your Central Florida Attorney know at once.

Will I be arrested if police are dispatched under a domestic violence call?

Another common circumstance is the policy of the police to arrest somebody every time they are dispatched to a “domestic violence” call. The police may arrest that person even though nobody is requesting an arrest and even though the parties deny that any domestic violence took place. The police even pressure the “victims” to make statements that while untrue, support their arrest.

Prosecutors’ offices have become so sensitive to charges of “domestic violence” that they assign special prosecutors to prosecute these charges. While once complaining witnesses (most often wives and girlfriends) could “drop the charges,” today the prosecutors tell the alleged “victims” that they cannot drop anything. We have developed strategies that increase the likelihood of having charges dropped.

A Strong Defense from an Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested or are being investigated for any crime involving domestic violence, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible — even before consenting to a search or answering police questions! Call one of our two locations at 407 743 8430 or 407-250-9557, for a prompt and free consultation with an experienced Central Florida criminal defense attorney at The Defense Group. We are available 24 hours a day for your emergency needs, and appointments can be arranged for nights or weekends if necessary.