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The Value of Trial Experience

The Defense Group’s first objective in nearly every case is to get the case dismissed. This minimizes the consequences for the client, and it prevents everyone involved from getting tangled up in an unnecessary trial. However, some cases cannot be dismissed and are required to go to trial. In order to properly assist in these cases, a defense lawyer needs to have trial experience, as the prosecutors in a trial almost certainly will.

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“You don’t necessarily want to go to trial, unless you have to go to trial. The very first objective is to get the case dismissed. If you can’t get the case dismissed, you want to minimize the consequences for your client, whatever the circumstances might be at that point and time. Often, our clients have done pretty much what they’re charged with, and the state has a very strong case. There’s no reason to go to trial and lose. The reason you want to be good at trial, is on those occasions when you need to go to trial, or what really is appropriate, that you’ve got the skills to do the very best possible job. The prosecutors go to trial with some frequency. They’re good at it. You need to be good at it.”