How does Florida handle white collar crime cases?
The term “White Collar Crime” is ordinarily applied to such offenses as mail fraud, banking fraud, racketeering and other complicated schemes to defraud. The term is likewise applied to violations of laws establishing federal reporting requirements such as filing reports of large cash transactions (over $10,000 in cash.) Allegations of “money laundering” are highly technical and are in this category. Federal crimes involving Securities (stocks, bonds, and other investment instruments) are referred to as White Collar Crimes. Medical care providers who file false claims under various federal medical assistance programs will be prosecuted for White Collar Crimes. Another area, so large that it deserves its own subsection, involves tax related crimes.
White Collar Crimes are complex, paper (and time) intensive and are generally prosecuted by the most experienced federal prosecutors. The penalties can include decades in federal prisons and millions in fines and assessments. Defendants that you have heard about on TV or read about in the newspapers include bank officers, Congressmen, stock brokers, accountants, lawyers, and others in respected professions.
The offense may be as simple as failing to properly fill out all of the federal forms for a loan or other transaction, or as complex as the Enron scandal. At The Defense Group, our Lake County federal criminal defense attorneys have the experience to evaluate and represent you on such charges. If the charges indicate a need for a larger team of defense professionals (other attorneys, forensic accountants, business or brokerage experts, etc.) we can assemble that team from the finest practitioners around the country.

Who will handle my white collar crime case?
H. Manuel Hernandez, Esq., a Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist is “of counsel” to the firm and available to handle cases for our White Collar defense team. Mr. Hernandez, a former Assistant United States Attorney himself, has over 32 years of experience. Mr. Hernandez is one of the several attorneys with The Defense Group, admitted to practice in the Federal Courts of Florida and Puerto Rico and the federal appellate courts. He is regularly involved in the defense of tax, immigration, fraud and other complex white collar federal crimes. In addition, Hal Uhrig, Esq., one of our front-line trial attorneys is a Former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Florida where he prosecuted complex white collar fraud cases. He has over 40 years of experience.

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If you are the target of a federal inquiry involving any activity similar to those described above, then please call us right away. Our Central Florida Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys are dedicated, knowledgeable attorneys that will fight for your rights. The earlier you seek legal assistance, the better chance you have of obtaining a favorable disposition of your case. 

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