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Jonathan F.

I just want to say thank you to Hal Uhrig for getting my case dropped in 44 days. I was confident from the beginning because I know Hal's background, but I was very impressed with the speed this happened. He did give me homework, so for those of you who don't like responsibility, maybe you should just plead guilty. But if you're willing to do what Hal asks, (in my case get a couple of people to sign affidavits) there's a really good chance you'll have a positive outcome quickly. For those of you reading other reviews that bash this firm, let me tell you something... Hal was available 24/7 for me. Priscilla is a professional, and conducts herself in that manner. And Peter has never come to court not knowing a case. So I'm not sure what happened in those situations, but I suggest that you partner yourself with the type a law firm that fits your style. I'm aggressive and I was happy to do some of my own legwork to move things along. Look at the results I got: Case dropped by the State's Attorney 44 days after the arrest. Proof positive about this firm. I would also like to mention that for people in Orange County, Hal's office is right across the street from the jail. How convenient is that! Thanks again to Hal and The Defense Group.
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