Practice Areas


In Florida having a license is critical for most people. A DUI can have a serious impact on your drivers license and having an experienced lawyer early in the process can help.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes in Florida can be very serious and may even carry mandatory minimum sentences. An experienced lawyer can help in many different ways including attacking the legality of any search or seizure that may have been used by police during your arrest as well as as challenging the validity of evidence used by the State.


Theft charges are highly fact specific and can be minor or "petit" in nature where the amount of money in contention is less than $300 to the very serious where sums exceed $20,000 or more. A lawyer that knows what they are doing can help you try to avoid a permanent mark on your record by attacking the case early. 

Gun Charges

Guns almost always make the seriousness of any case go up substantially. Both federal and state laws are in play and your lawyer should be aware of how the two areas interact.

Federal Crimes

There is a reason that the phrase "they're making a federal case about it" exists. Simply put, you need a lawyer that knows how to handle federal charges as they are some of the most serious types of crimes that any citizen can face.