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Suspended Licenses

Although a Driving While License Suspended charge is generally seen as a minor criminal traffic offense, a conviction can have severe ramifications. There are two types of Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) charges. A DWLS without knowledge is a civil infraction and a DWLS with knowledge is a criminal offense.

The State of Florida has developed a staturoy scheme to categorize “bad drivers” as┬áHabitual Traffic Offenders. Once a person receives three convictions for any enumerated offense they are tagged as a Habitual Traffic Offender and their driving privileges are suspended for five years! Enumerated offenses include DUI, DWLS, LSOA, DUI Manslaughter, etc.

Even a DWLS without knowledge counts as a strike if you pay the ticket at the clerk’s office! Many drivers end up with a Habitual Traffic Offender designation without even receiving a warning!

Please call our team of dedicated Orlando traffic violation attorneys before paying any DWLS citiation and most especially before going to court and entering a plea to a criminal DWLS. We have the experience necessary to help ensure you do not make a costly mistake.

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