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Theft / Fraud

Property Crime In Florida — Theft, Fraud, and Burglary

What are Property Crimes?

“Property Crimes” is a broad term that encompasses crimes such as Petit Theft, Grand Theft, Burglary, Scheme to Defraud, and Dealing in Stolen Property. Such crimes involve the taking of money, property, or belongings without violence. Although no one is physically hurt by property crimes, a conviction for a theft offense can have severe ramifications.

It is often said that theft crimes say less about what a person did, and more about who they are. This is because theft crimes are also categorized as crimes of dishonesty. Most people in society today view persons with convictions on theft crimes as “a thief” or a “bad person” even if the act was simply a momentary lapse in judgment. A conviction on a theft crime may often preclude a person from getting a good job once a theft conviction is discovered on a background check. The Federal Government can even use a conviction on a crime of dishonesty to deny citizenship or resident status.

What are the penalties for property crimes in Florida?

A Burglary of a Dwelling charge scores mandatory prison time in the State of Florida on the Criminal Punishment Code Scoresheet, even if no one is hurt. Under Florida law, stealing an item from the home is not even required for a Burglary conviction!

Many times prosecutors will seek severe penalties for persons accused of theft or fraud. Usually this is due to the wishes of the victim in the case. Our dedicated team of professionals can often work with prosecutors to negotiate a sentence that does not require jail time.

In most cases it is best if you do not talk to the police. Even though police officers may promise to go lenient on a person if they talk, such deals can only be made by prosecutors. If the police wish to talk with you about a property crime please call us before speaking with the police. Our professionals are available to meet with the police on your behalf to protect your rights!

Property Crimes Defense Attorney In Seminole County

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