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Sex Crimes

Sex Crime Laws In Florida

What constitutes a sex crimes under Florida law?

The term “sex crimes” includes everything from indecent exposure (a misdemeanor) to Capital Sexual Battery (sexual battery of a child under 12 years old; a felony punishable by life in prison.) The term also includes internet-based crimes such as soliciting minors for sex over the internet and possession of child pornography. Because of society’s reaction to sex crimes, special sex crimes prosecutors are appointed to prosecute these cases. They are particularly sensitive to the input from “victims” and victims’ families. They have instructions to pursue these cases aggressively. Because of some very high profile cases in the past few years, there are other considerations including the possibility of civil commitment to a mental facility as well as special conditions of probation and sex offender registration requirements. This has become a complex and difficult area of the law.

What are some social consequences of sex crime accusations?

In addition to criminal penalties and restrictions that can result from a conviction for a sex crime, there are devastating social implications. You may have to be concerned about what your friends and neighbors will think of you. You may experience loss of employment or difficulty in finding new employment. You may be denied rental housing opportunities. You may receive notices from your homeowners’ association. You may get hate mail not only from actual neighbors but from others that go onto websites that disclose your circumstances. A conviction can change your life for the worse.

Why do some people get falsely accused of sex crimes?

Sometimes people make false allegations of sexual misconduct. There are many reasons that a person may falsely claim sexual misconduct. Some reasons for false allegations are a desire to win a child custody fight, simple social revenge for some perceived wrong, a child that wants to get a change of custody, or a child that wants to get out of a household that actually has rules to follow. It is always important to look at the State’s forensic evidence to see if they have DNA, blood samples, hair samples, fingerprints, chemical evidence, etc. We need to talk to all possible witnesses.

Sex crime charges require a strong, dedicated defense

Sex crimes should always be vigorously defended. This is what we do at The Defense Group. If you have been accused or arrested for any sex-related crime, call one of our experienced Seminole County criminal defense attorneys at 1-800-INNOCENT or 1-800-INOCENTE, to schedule your Free Consultation.