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State Crimes

Florida State Crimes

In Florida, crimes are generally divided into Felonies and Misdemeanors. We also have violations of County and Municipal Ordinances, but those are handled much the same as Misdemeanors. Because such a large portion of our practice involved DUI and Domestic Violence, we have provided separate pages (an entire website) to give you the information you need about these offenses.

How To Handle An Encounter With The Police

WARNING- Don’t talk to the Police- It could be Dangerous to Your Freedom.

When coming into contact with the police, remember that all you say and do may be used against you. The best course of action is to:

  • Be polite, but uncooperative
  • Tell the police office that you want to speak with an attorney before any questions or tests
  • Refuse to answer any questions without a lawyer; even innocent sounding questions like “do you know why I stopped you?”
  • Refuse to take any exercises (especially Field Sobriety Exercises) without conferring with an attorney
  • Under certain circumstances you may be required to submit to a breath test or face additional criminal charges. You should learn your rights and consequences. The police are required to advise you of your “Implied Consent” ritghts and obligations when asking you to give breath, urine or blood samples.
  • Never give consent to search anything (car, home, person, etc.), even if they threaten to bring a drug dog or a search warrant and even if you think they will find nothing. ALWAYS REFUSE
  • CALL AN ATTORNEY FROM THE DEFENSE GROUP AT ONE OF OUR OFFICES to know more about your rights. Select “Know Your Rights” from the menu.

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