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Our Firm | Crime Defense Team

Crime Defense Attorneys In Central Florida (Orlando)

Our Major Crimes Defense Team handles the case evaluation and attorney assignments for such crimes as Murder, Sex Crimes, Aggravated Child Abuse, Drug Trafficking and other more serious offenses. Team leader Hal Uhrig, Esq., has over 35 years of practice experience as well as law enforcement experience.

Our attorneys may be assigned to more than one team and sometimes our clients will have charges that cover several areas of emphasis. Legal assistant Pricilla Zapata is fluently bi-lingual in English and Spanish. She currently works with our spanish speaking attorney Peter Zies and other attorneys on the Domestic Violence Team and the DUI Team. Mrs. Zapata also assists other Group members with Spanish speaking clients and witnesses. The important thing to remember is that with over 100 years of combined experience, we have the resources to handle your criminal case.