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Tax Fraud

Understanding Tax Fraud


The mere mention if the IRS is enough to cause many people to break out in hives. And that’s almost always because of contact with the civil revenue agent side of this agency. Far more serious, far more ominous, and far more important in terms of seeking professional help, is when the IRS sends it’s criminal division task force people after you. These “gold badge toting” agents not only want to collect money from you. They want to put you in jail. The US Tax Code is almost universally acknowledged as incomprehensible. A dozen calls to a dozen IRS Service Centers, with the same question are likely to yield a dozen different responses. In spite of this the old adage that ,“ignorance of the law is no excuse” continues to be applied in federal prosecutions.

What could cause a tax fraud investigation on me?

Among the many ways in which you can find yourself the target of a tax fraud investigation are the following:

  • intentional understatement of income;
  • intentional overstatement of deductible expenses;
  • upstreaming and hiding income;
  • failing to report income earned from other places in the world where the reporting to the US government is poor or non existent;
  • failing to file all of the proper reporting documents required under the US Code;
  • promoting an unlawful scheme to assist others in unlawfully avoiding taxes;
  • assisting in the preparation of fraudulent tax returns;
  • refusing to pay taxes due and intentionally removing assets from seizure with the knowledge that a tax assessment has been made.

Contact A Tax Fraud Attorney

While it is often prudent for your attorney to work with your accountant and other experienced forensic accountants under the attorney-client privilege, understand that your accountant has no similar privilege and is not legally able to keep your communications or documents confidential or privileged. If the IRS or the Department of Justice targets you for criminal tax prosecution, you need the services of an experienced Orlando federal criminal defense attorney at The Defense Group. Call 1-800-INNOCENT at once to schedule your initial Free Consultation.  We can help!