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Defense News Group

A New Addition : The Defense Group welcomes Miss Jennifer Lopez.

Ms. Lopez brings her experience of customer service and ability to speak English and Spanish and as our receptionist will be the first customer voice heard.


This year we opened three additional offices subservient to our community, focusing on service to Hispanics in Central Florida. From February begin to have appointments with clients in our new satellite offices in  Kissimmee  (in front of the court),  Tavares  (next to the court), and  Titusville  (near the jail). It would be a pleasure for our lawyers go to these cities to attend our community.


Our new numbers are all prominent area of our web pages for your convenience. Our firm provides legal services to citizens of ten counties in Central Florida services. Additionally we have free number  1-888-NOCULPABLE  that serves the community outside the area of our phone numbers and also easy to remember.


The Defense Group has plastic cards with  valuable information  that listed certain rights that can protect you the next time you are stopped by police. This card is the size of its license to fit in your wallet or purse without problems. The card contains information which can be the difference in preventing a criminal case. Call our office to pick up your card or ask us to send one by mail.

TRAINING Intoxilyzer 8000

is our pleasure to report that one of our lawyers, Mr. Carlos Vega, the defense team driving under the influence (DUI) was recently certified operator Intoxilyzer 8000. This machine which is used to measure the concentration of alcohol in the blood, it will replace the Intoxilyzer 5000, which is currently used by all agencies of Central Florida. We are committed to train your lawyers do our best to be ready to defend them.