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If The Drugs Are In My Blood, Can I Still Face Possession Charges? Very interestingly, the law does not consider the sole presence of drugs in a person’s system to be possession. However, this is a very thin line to tread, since other offenses — such as DUI, or the possession of drug paraphernalia — Read More

Am I Under Investigation By A Grand Jury? Usually, if you are under investigation, the authorities will find a way to notify you — this is when you should seek advice from an experienced Orlando criminal defense attorney, who will be able to guide you in how to handle the investigation process. “You’ll probably get Read More

How Is A State Grand Jury Different From a Federal Grand Jury? A grand jury is, essentially, a group of people who are completely detached from the case — who have nothing to gain or lose no matter the final verdict — and who serve as an impartial, unbiased jury in the case. An experienced Read More

How Does The Law Handle The Possession Of Different Drugs? There are many different types of illegal drugs — from marijuana, to cocaine, all the way up to methamphetamines — and they all carry consequences for their possession. The severity of the punishment differs, taking into account a number of facts — Which drug was Read More

What Constitutes A Federal Crime? Where and how a crime is committed can alter whether it will be considered a state or federal offense. Generally, crimes against the government are considered federal crimes, as any intent to harm one’s country is a serious offense. In other cases, however, it might not be completely clear — Read More

Do State And Federal Authorities Work Together In Drug Cases? Very often, people who deal drugs work in “networks” — this leads to both state and federal authorities working together in cases. As Orlando criminal defense attorney Hal Uhrig explains, the federal authorities are always on the hunt for the big players, and cooperating with Read More

Does State Law Handle Marijuana Possession Differently Than Federal Law? In some cases, yes. The legality of marijuana use, whether medicinal or recreational, has been a much debated issue — with some states declaring certain uses for it to be legal, even if they remain illegal at the federal level. This can seem confusing to Read More

At What Point Does Florida Law Consider Marijuana Possession A Felony? Marijuana might just be one of the most debated issues in recent years. While it’s legality keeps being discussed at both the state and federal level, one thing remains true — under Florida state law, it is not legal. Florida law makes a clear Read More

Dual Sovereignty Helps Handle State And Federal Crimes In the case where an action — the crime — violates both state and federal law, dual sovereignty comes into play. This means that, when a crime could potentially be tried in both state and federal court, a decision is made regarding which court will handle it Read More

What Are The Different Types Of Felonies The Law Recognizes? State and federal laws can dictate what degree of felony has been committed — the classification of a felony can provide a guideline for the judge and jury during the trial, as well as set minimum and sometimes maximum penalties. Having an Orlando criminal defense Read More

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