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Was My Loved One Arrested, Or Are They Missing? Not knowing where your loved one — relative or friends — can be stressful and frightening. People who are arrested are, however, always allowed an opportunity to contact someone — keeping your phone close is important! Contacting the county and state jails is certainly an option, Read More

What Constitutes A Felony Under Florida Law? Felonies are crimes for which the accused, if found guilty, could face time at a state prison. Dealing with these types of cases requires knowledge and experience — something Orlando criminal defense attorney Hal Uhrig and his team at the Defense Group are proud to offer their clients. “A Read More

When Does A Grand Jury Handle A Case? A grand jury is, oftentimes, used in cases where the accused is facing charges for a capital — or, sometimes, in “high profile” cases where, for example, a politician is involved. In these cases, an experienced attorney is absolutely necessary. Orlando criminal defense attorney Hal Uhrig and Read More

Federal Crimes — What Are They, and How Are They Handled? State and federal crimes can differ greatly, and can be handled differently. Usually, when a crime violates both state and federal laws, a decision needs to be made on which court it will be tried under. An Orlando criminal defense attorney with experience in Read More

When Is The Best Time To Seek A Criminal Defense Attorney? In criminal defense, time can be of the essence. Being able to reach your Orlando criminal defense attorney quickly and efficiently can aid your case, and affect the outcome of it. This is why the Defense Group strives to keep all lines of communication Read More

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Great Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney? Orlando criminal defense attorney Hal Uhrig, and his team at the Defense Group, understand that finances can be a source of worry for many of those seeking a criminal defense attorney. This is why they offer free initial consultations, so potential clients Read More

How Are Federal Crime Cases Different From State Crime Cases? State and federal laws can sometimes differ greatly — and certain offenses will fall under one of either category. It is important, then, to seek out a legal team who understands the differences, with combined experience on both types of cases, to ensure that you Read More

Can A Bail Bondsman Help You Out Of Jail? A bail, also known as a pre-trial release, can get you or your loved one out of jail while awaiting trial. Bail bondsmen are the “insurance agents” on bonds. For a premium (and, most likely, some collateral) a bail bondsman will agree to come to the Read More

Finding The Right Criminal Defense Attorney In Orlando Your choice of a criminal defense attorney could have a lasting impact on how your case unfolds. Choosing the right attorney — someone with experience and knowledge — is imperative. Orlando criminal defense attorney Hal Uhrig and The Defense Group know criminal defense law. For knowledgeable, driven Read More

DUI — Can I Still Face Charges, Even If I Wasn’t Actually Driving? DUI does not refer to strictly driving. Just being in the driver’s seat while impaired — even if the keys are off — can still be considered DUI. Orlando DUI defense attorney Hal Uhrig and The Defense Group have vast experience in Read More

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