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Bonds And Bail Bondsmen

A bail, also known as a pre-trial release, can get you or your loved one out of jail while awaiting trial. Bail bondsmen are the “insurance agents” on bonds. For a premium (and, most likely, some collateral) a bail bondsman will agree to come to the aid of the accused, paying their bond and getting them out of jail.

Ccenral Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Hal Uhrig and The Defense Group have a unique relationship with bail bondsmen, having represented many of them for over 30 years. A bail bondsman (also called a surety agent) is in the business of assessing risk. When they write a bond, their primary focus is the likelihood that the defendant will appear in court when required. These bondsmen know that clients of The Defense Group have chosen qualified and experienced counsel and they are therefore less likely to flee. The Defense Group also has all of our clients sign and we file a waiver f presence that makes it unnecessary for the defendant to take off from work, school or just Life to attend multiple court appearances. This too makes the surety agent feel more secure. As a result of this, sometimes clients of The Defense Group are better able to negotiate a bond with either no collateral, or a reduced collateral requirement to get their loved ones out of jail. For knowledgeable, experienced criminal defense, contact The Defense Group today at:
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“The process for getting out of jail is called Pretrial Release. Most people talk about it in terms of bail bonds. One other thing that our firm does, probably more than any other firm in Central Florida, is we represent bail bondsmen. So we’ve got a good relationship with a number of bonding agencies. The way a bail bond works is it’s like an insurance policy. If your bond is $10,000, 10% is a premium, what you pay the bondsmen for the privilege of posting your bond. He keeps that $1,000 and he keeps it “for keeps,” if you will. He’s still out on the hook for $10,000 if you don’t show up. So what he’ll do is he’ll ask for collateral. He may want a second mortgage on your house. He may want credit card stroked, he may want any number of things so that if your loved one doesn’t come to court, you have something at risk. You are going to lose something. Because of our relationship with some of these bonds people, they may ask for no collateral or less collateral, because they know that if the client is hiring us, they’re serious about defending it and their probably going to show up in court.

407-831-1956 or 352-742-9090



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