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How Do State And Federal Authorities Cooperate In Drug Cases?

Do State And Federal Authorities Work Together In Drug Cases?

Very often, people who deal drugs work in “networks” — this leads to both state and federal authorities working together in cases. As Orlando criminal defense attorney Hal Uhrig explains, the federal authorities are always on the hunt for the big players, and cooperating with those at the state level can help trace everything back to it’s source.

Federal drug crimes particularly if there’s an importation charge, if you’re bringing drugs from out of the United States into the United States, that’s going to be a federal charge. If you’re bringing drugs from one state to another state, that’s a federal charge. ┬áIf you’re doing any number of things that are also state violations, you’re trafficking in drugs which typically means large quantities, if you’re dealing in kilos instead of grams, the Feds are probably interested.

If you’re dealing in truckloads instead of kilos, I can assure you they’re interested. And what the Feds frequently do, similar to the State but on a larger scale, is they try to work their way up the food chain — from the guy who’s dealing in grams, to the guy who is dealing in ounces, to the guy who bought those, who is dealing in kilos — hopefully eventually getting back to the head of the snake, if you will, and that’s the source whether it’s from out of the country or in the country.”