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What Is A Grand Jury?

When Does A Grand Jury Handle A Case?

A grand jury is, oftentimes, used in cases where the accused is facing charges for a capital — or, sometimes, in “high profile” cases where, for example, a politician is involved. In these cases, an experienced attorney is absolutely necessary. Orlando criminal defense attorney Hal Uhrig and his team at the Defense Group have vast experience with criminal defense, and are willing to help.

“A Grand Jury is a method of charging people. It’s sometimes used for political purposes. It’s used in all first degree murder cases. Any case which is a capital case has to be done by Grand Jury indictment. In Florida the system is that the State Attorney has the authority to charge you with almost anything but a capital offense by filing a document called an information.

An information says comes now the State Attorney in the name of the State of Florida and charges that you the defendant with whatever it is they’re accusing you of. If it’s a capital crime you have to take that to a Grand Jury. It’s selected from the community. The State Attorney is the legal advisor for the Grand Jury. They present to them the evidence that’s available and then they ask them to indict.
The joke is that a good prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, which simply means that the Grand Jury very frequently gives the prosecutor what they want.

In politically charged circumstances, where perhaps a politician is being charged, they’ll probably use a Grand Jury so it seems less political. They say, “Look I didn’t do this. The Grand Jury found probable cause and they indicted him.”