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What Is A Federal Crime?

Federal Crimes — What Are They, and How Are They Handled?

State and federal crimes can differ greatly, and can be handled differently. Usually, when a crime violates both state and federal laws, a decision needs to be made on which court it will be tried under. An Orlando criminal defense attorney with experience in both types of cases can be a valuable asset in this situation, being able to lend their experience no matter what the outcome.

“A Federal Crime is a crime, which is literally one which is prohibited by an Act of Congress. It is possible to have one action violate both a State Crime and a Federal Crime. It’s called a dual sovereignty. The United States is a sovereign entity. The State of Florida is a sovereign entity. Ordinarily either one or the other will prosecute it. Usually it works like this; if the Feds take it, the State leaves it alone. If the Feds abandon it to the State, the State makes its own decision whether to prosecute or not. A Federal Crime is literally just that, it’s one which is against the law throughout the United States and may or may not be against the law in Florida.”