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When To Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney

When Is The Best Time To Seek A Criminal Defense Attorney?

In criminal defense, time can be of the essence. Being able to reach your Orlando criminal defense attorney quickly and efficiently can aid your case, and affect the outcome of it. This is why the Defense Group strives to keep all lines of communication with clients open, even offering bilingual services for Spanish-speaking clients.

“We have an answering service 24/7, 365 and that’s set up in a way that if you are a Spanish-speaking client. If that’s your language of choice, your native language, it’s where you’re most comfortable, you call my answering service and you let them know that. We have an attorney who is fully bilingual – actually we have two attorneys who are fully bilingual. We have two staff members that are fully bilingual and they will be happy to chat with you and make sure that they can talk to you and your witnesses comfortably. If it is an English-speaking client, then we have several options for them. They can talk to me or any of the other attorneys.”