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How To Choose The Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Finding The Right Criminal Defense Attorney In Orlando

Your choice of a criminal defense attorney could have a lasting impact on how your case unfolds. Choosing the right attorney — someone with experience and knowledge — is imperative.

Orlando criminal defense attorney Hal Uhrig and The Defense Group know criminal defense law. For knowledgeable, driven criminal defense attorneys with over 100 years of combined experience, contact The Defense Group today.

“I’d ask them about their experience. I think one of the very first things I would ask is “How long have you been doing this? What percentage of your practice is criminal defense?” There are a number of attorneys out there, perfectly good lawyers, I’m not down-speaking them, who have what I would call a general practice. A less kind way of saying it is a threshold practice. If you’ll bring your money across my threshold, I’ll try to figure out how to solve your problem for you. “Admiralty claim, you think you’ve found some treasure offshore? I’m your man. You got a divorce? I’m the guy. You had a car accident? That’s me. Criminal defense? No problem, I can handle it. Real estate transaction? We’ll do the closing tomorrow.” The practice of law, like the practice of medicine, is sufficiently complicated that you see people gravitate towards specialties or limited practices. It’s not uncommon for people to have two areas of practice, and that’s probably about as far as they might want to go, where one lawyer is saying, “I’m going to do divorce and criminal.” Did that for years, I thought I did a good job of both. But if you’ve got someone who’s doing eight or ten different kinds of things in their practice, I’d go somewhere else. If you’re looking for a podiatrist, you wouldn’t go to a dentist.”