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Affording The Cost Of Great Florida Criminal Defense

How To Afford The Criminal Defense You Need

Affording the fees for an experienced, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can be a source of worry for anyone facing charges. The value that an attorney’s knowledge and experience can bring to the case is invaluable — and, often, priced accordingly!

That, however, does not mean that anyone who cannot afford all the fees up front is lost. Orlando criminal defense attorney Hal Uhrig is an experienced, knowledgeable attorney — who is also caring, and willing to work with clients, to ensure that they get the legal help they need, without bankrupting over it.

“Frequently, whenever someone is arrested, this was not an event in their lives that they were expecting. They don’t have a cookie jar in the kitchen that’s got enough spare change in it to come up with thousands of dollars for a lawyer. They might have $100 for a flat tire or a refrigerator that doesn’t work, but the kind of fees that are necessarily charged for criminal defense come as a surprise. We understand that in today’s economy suddenly having someone stick their hand out and say, “I need,” and the term “thousands of dollars” is included in the rest of that sentence is pretty tough. Whenever possible, we will try to structure a payment arrangement. We don’t have long-term payments, but three or four months in which to stretch out the payments and come together so that we can give you your help right now when you need it, although all the payment is not available right now. We do take credit cards, we take debit cards, we take personal checks, we take portraits of Benjamin Franklin, we take all of that.”