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Should I Blow into the Breathalyzer?

Due to the way an older DUI law was structured, people used to advise anyone who had been arrested for DUI to avoid blowing into a breathalyzer. That way, the police would not be able to prove how drunk someone was.

However, because DUI law has changed since then, the Defense Group now says to always blow into a breathalyzer. Avoiding the breathalyzer carries such severe penalties that it is almost never worth it.

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“A misconception has become popular because of the way the law used to be is that you should never blow in the machine, because then they’ll know how drunk you are. I used to give that advice until they changed the law. Now my advice is always blow in the machine, because the penalty for not blowing is so severe you might beat the DUI and still lose your license for a year and be completely without a licenseĀ for three months. Disregard the old adage, “never blow.” Always blow in the machine once you’re arrested.”