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If a person refuses to take a breathalyzer test twice, he or she can be penalized with a year in jail. If you or a loved one has been accused of a DUI, contact an attorney at The Defense Group using our website or call us at 407-831-1956 for a free consultation. We are available Read More

A person does not have to be drunk in order to be considered guilty of a DUI. To be found guilty, one would need to be both in physical control of a vehicle and impaired by either alcohol, drugs, or some combination of the two. To arrest a person on suspicion of DUI, the police Read More

If a predator is found to have used the internet to sexually pursue someone calling him/herself a child–even if that person is actually a detective– this is punishable by imprisonment. If you or a loved one has been accused of a internet crime, contact an attorney at The Defense Group or call us at 407-831-1956 Read More

It is not against the law to drink and drive–if it were, bars would have no parking lots– but it is against the law to drink to the point of impairment and drive. If you or a loved one has been accused of a DUI, contact an attorney at The Defense Group via our website Read More

In Florida law, the term “rape” was replaced with the more complicated term “sexual battery.” Under the most recent set of laws, the penalty for sexual battery depends on a number of factors, including how much force was used. For example, the penalties will be more serious if a weapon or threat of violence was Read More

Due to the way an older DUI law was structured, people used to advise anyone who had been arrested for DUI to avoid blowing into a breathalyzer. That way, the police would not be able to prove how drunk someone was. However, because DUI law has changed since then, the Defense Group now says to Read More

In many cases, a bond will start out unreasonably high. However, as a case progresses, the judge will usually lower the bond to something more manageable (like $25,000 or $50,000) based on a list of criteria. For example, the judge will probably look at whether or not the defendant has a history of violence. If Read More

Oftentimes, evidence can be dismissed when it is found that the police searched a building illegally. A search is considered illegal if the police have no warrant, and they are not trying to arrest anyone. Police may enter a building for a search in the case of emergency circumstances–for example, a person calling for help–but Read More