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Our Policy on High-Profile Cases

The Defense Group is perfectly fine with accepting high-profile cases, as long as no lawyer is forced to violate the group’s policy on communication with the press. Once their case is filed, The Defense Group will not participate in any press conferences, and neither will their client. They will continue with their work, and anything that the press needs to see can be seen in the courtroom.

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“Well, I feel comfortable with high profile cases, but let me put this caveat on it, because we’ve had high profile cases before. And my general rule is, once the case is filed, we’re not having any press conferences, certainly not with our client around anywhere. He’s got nothing to say.  We’re not going to have a great deal to say.  We’re going to do our work in a workmanlike fashion.  We’re going to do our job, if necessary, in the courtroom.  You can see it there if it plays out there, but we’re not going to try it in the press.  Zimmerman was a little different because they had not charged him at the time that we were going very, very public.  But we made it clear to them at that time, if he’s charged, we’re done until it’s over.”